• Brass stop valves
    Brass ball valves
    Mini brass ball valves
    Brass angle valve
    Brass watersupply armature
    Brass bibcocks
    Brass fittings chrome plated
    Brass fittings
    Brass fittings nickel plated
    Brass unions and safety valves
  • Haigh class mixers
    Brass mixers for bathroom single handle
    Brass mixers for bathroom double handle
    Other faucets
    Accessories for sink mixers
    PTFE and hackeled flaxes
  • Aluminium towel radiators
    Aluminum electrical radiators
    Steel towel radiators
    Electrical heaters
    Fasteners and accessories for radiators
    Radiator valves
    Design radiator sets
    Air vents and thermostatic heads
    Brass manifolds
    Armature for floor heating
    Manifold fittings
    Fittings for heating systems
    Brass mini ball valves
    Boxes for manifolds
    Cabinets for fire valves
    Circulating pumps
    Magnet dirt separator
    Thermometers, manometers, termomanometers and safe valves
    Extension and pressure control tanks